• What is Karate-do ?

    Recently karate has spread from Japan to all parts of the world. The reason for this world-wide popularity can be found not only in the powerful and dynamic elements of karate-do, but also in the combination of physical and mental training of this art of self-defense, which requires a healthy body, a sound spirit and a refined character. Further, the people nowadays might be very attracted by the beauty and the thrilling action of the karate movements. Read More
  • Greatest Karate Sensei

    Sensei Fujikiyo Omura was born in Shizuoka Prefecture on May 1st, 1953. He is the 7th degree black belt and instructor of Japan Karate Association who has been accepted world wide as one of the best instructor of JKA. Read More
  • Join Us " Shotokan Dojo "

    Training Place of Shotokan Karate Association Thailnd (JKA Thailand) at Supalai Place Fitness Center ( Supalai Place - Sukhumvit Soi 39) .Your great chance to train under the instruction of Sensei Fujikiyo Omura.Call : Mr.Roy 081-346-3304, Ms. Kame 089-788-4116 Read More
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OurActivity !!

JKA Thailand Activity


Forthcoming Event

An assortment of shotokan karate activity in Thailand are available

  • Kyu/Dan Test 2/2015 : on Sat 27 June 2015 9:00 am at Chulanlongkorn Univ. Karate Club update
  • 1st JKA Asia Oceania Karate Championship 2015 22nd-23rd August 2015 : Indoor Stadium Huamark, Bangkok Thailand new
  • 13th Gichin Funakoshi Cup 2014 
    17th-19th October 2014 : Nippon Budokan, Tokyo Japan
  • 12th JKA Asia Ocenia Conference in Bangkok on 12-14 December 2014 
  • "SIAM CAMP" Siam Camp 2015 on 9-11 January 2015 
  • Daily Practice
  • National Tournament
  • Kyu/Dan Examination
  • Internation Tournament (Seagame , Asiangame,ect.)
  • JKA Tournament (Gichin Funakoshi Cup, Shoto World Cup)
  • Karate Semina and Grading
  • "Siam Camp" International Karate Camp

Review !

Omura Sensei

Sensei Omura's View

Through the practice of karate, we come to know what is good and bad for our karate, later what is good and bad for ourselves. With hard training and of course competitions too, we come to know how our body and mind responds to different given situations, and we try to make the best out of it, eventually we have to implement this hard earned knowledge in our daily lives.

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The President

  • Chutinant Bhirombhakdi

Omura Sensei In Action

Karate Philosophy

  • What is Karate-do? +

    Understanding Karate-do !! Recently karate has spread from Japan to all parts of the world. The reason for this world-wide popularity Read More
  • Dojo Kun +

    The way to reach the true essence of Karate-do: Five Dojo Precepts To understand the Dojo Precepts is not easy, Read More
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